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Phoenix Shui Xian--Natural Flower Aroma
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Phoenix Shui Xian,the oldest rock tea with over 900 years' history. Finest qualilty and delicious taste after sophisticated handmade process. The tea leaves appear tight twisted and even, dark brown, medium oxidized and well roasted with a deep rich sweet and flower aroma,taste mellow and thick, has infusion resistance, have at least 20 brewing times by Chinese Gaiwan or purple clay teapot and lasting sweet, floral flavor aftertaste.

Harvest:In 2017 Spring, Once per year

Altitude: Wu Dong area Around 1300 meter above the sea level

Aroma:Phoenix Shui Xian--Natural Flower Aroma

Oxidation:Semi-fermentation,Oolong tea types

Origin:Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou,Guangdong,China

Preparation:recommend pouring 250ml-350ml water of a temperature of about 95 over 6-8g tea leaves(preferably in a clay teapot or Gaiwan) and leaving to infusion for no longer than 1 minutes for a first infusion. With and even slightly shorter brewing time for a second infustion and 1 minute again for each following infusion.

Health advantages:Contain highest Tea Polyphenols(TP),Vitamin and Minerals, which have outstanding health advantages to Anti-aged,anti-radiation,Anti-cancer,Anti high pressure and high blood, weight reduction and good for skin,anti tired and quench(especially have outstanding health advantages to keep fit and good for skin). It is suitable for most people drinking and very health to have once per day 

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