Your Packaging Solution

With the strong supports by our local experienced and professional designers plus taking your local packaging stipulation into consideration, Our designers would provide the best and idea packaging solutions based on your unique requipments not matter you are the small shop owners, wholesalers or retailers,etc. As the printing packaging industry is one of the main local industries. Once needed,that is our advantages to help our customers with outsourceing. Absolutely we would ensure the packaging in superior quality, in safe and in environment friendly as well.

1496557549293648.jpgFirst Part--Printing&Flexible packaging

This packaging is more and more popular due to its valuable price,short production lead time and varied and flexble shape.

For tea products(Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong tea), We would recommend the material construct like alumnium foil or metalized alumnium material to max its advantages to keep the tea fresh and delicious.

For the bag types, We would recommend our customers to choose the zipper closure stand up pouch/K-seal bag/quad seal bag/side gusset bag. For one thing, These bag types would make your products stand out and very idea to get promoted in supermarkets, For another thing,These bag types would get packed by manual labor easily, not need to consider the machinery types. Very suitable for the  small-sized or medium-sized enterprises.                                                                                                                                                            


Second part--Printing&mental Packaging

Compared with the flexible packaging,mental packaging would still play the main roles for tea products, Although it would be higher in price, takes up more time and cost in moulding developing, Still the first purchasing option.

For this type of packaging, We would recommend the customers to choose the existed moulding items, Actually we have cooperation with many suppliers with ample manufacturing experiences,which are many different shapes available for option.

Third Part--Tea bag

1496565182532862.jpgAt the mentioned of this tea packaging, we think most people would think of Litton as we do. Actually our Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong is the finest handmade tea type, But it also can get packed by the tea bag, As far as tea bags are concerned, Most people would connect the tea bag with tea fanning type together,which greatly spoil the tea taste and quality. In order to avoid this question, The tea bag material we choose would be the biogegradable PLA nylon material and custom tag as well. With it, It could be more flexible to help our customers to have multi options to distribute their sales network in their targeted markets and to meet different consumers' needs. Last but not the least, The packaging are qualified to reach food grade standard


Fourth part--K Cup(capsule cup)

The first time to get into touch this packaging was at the end of 2015, This perfect packaging idea came from the Green mountain company, which is mainly dealing with coffee bean. To have one perfect cup of coffee, You don't need to take almost half an hour's time to make it and spend some time to clean up after having it as well.Instead, Put the K cup into the customized capsule machinery, Just several minutes, You would enjoy one perfect coffee cup as that of the traditional coffee made. And still keep it cleaned. This packaging bring along the high quality, convenient life way. Now it also spread all over the whole drink industry including tea products. Most fast

food style shops would prefer to this packaging option--more efficient,convenient and also consistent. As the report said, The starbuck also have that o!

For more question on this packaging type, Pls feel free to contact our team.

1496564226631534.jpgFifth Part--Ceramic Tea caddy

Ceramic tea caddy would be the traditional Chinese tea storage vessels. Ceramic materials would be safe among all other types, furthermore, it also have strong airproof and moisture proof feature, which could max its advantages to keep the tea quality and taste. Besides this, Most tea caddy would decor with traditional Chinese elements, not only do reflect the craftman's excellent workmanship, but also could feel our traditional arts and culture.Accordingly, it could be one of another good options to decor your home or good matching with your tea sets. In China, Some family have the interests to take the tea caddy as collection. Personally speaking, It is also the best gift set option.The disavantages of this packaging is easy to get broken.


Tea Set Packaging Part+W/O Tea Products

There are varied materials options for your choice like paper,bamboo,wooden,etc. The type would be varied like paper gift box with clear window, bamboo or wooden gift box,plastic suitcase,handbag travel bag,etc.

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