Tea plantation

Our Tea Plantation In Phoenix Mountain

Very Rocky And Original Ecological Planting Environment

1.Original Ecological Planting environment:Our ChaoShan area locates in the Easter Coast of Guang Dong Province,China.Phoenix mountain is the highest altitude in mist and clouds.pngPhoenix mountain.pngGuangDong Province, also locates in the Tropic of Caner. The average altitude of Phoenix mountain is 1392 meters, The afforest rate covers more than 96%, Annual Average Temperature is 20 degrees, Annual Rainfall is 1800mm, mists and clouds cover more than 200 days per year. The soil in Phoenix Mountain especially in Wu Dong area is very rich and plentiful in natural resources and minerals, etc.mist and clouds.png

2. Very Rocky Glowing Environment: Our tea plantation locates in the high altitude above 800 meter above the sea level, Most are in Wu Dong area--altitude around 1300 meter. Our tea trees are not planted in the flat and even tea garden. All are planted in the very rocky and steep slopes.

3.Natural lake formed due to volcanic eruption in Old Times:In Phoneix Mountain, There are some lake naturally formed due to volcanic eruption in Old Times. All our tea trees are planted surronding the lake, which we would irrigate the tea trees by the lake water. Furthermore, Our tea tress could absorb more organic matter and mineral,etc.very rocky glowing environment.png

4. Rare and precious tea tree cultivar: The trees planted in Phoenix mountain are the rare and precious tea tree cultivar that both having single stem feature and big tea tree shape feature, Plus our outstanding and unique Original Ecological Planting Environment. Not matter our tea quality or health advantages, It rank top among all other tea types worldwide and much better than that of the same tea type from other areas in Phoenix Mountain. That is also the main reason that why our tea types contain the highest Tea Polyphenols(TP), Vitamin,minerals,etc, which would greatly benefit our health.1495857657115673.png

5. Aromatic substance: Our Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong belongs to Oolong tea type, Semi-fermentation. But containing the highest aromatic substance of natural flower aroma, fruity aroma, honey aroma and tea aroma.There are over 100 kinds if classify our tea type based on natural floral aroma. After sophisticated handmade process, Our tea taste and sweetness is easy to be accepted by everyone instantly. Even most of them would hardly believe that the natural flower aroma or fruity aroma is naturally developed from the tea leaf. Yet that is not the scented tea type or blend tea one.

6. Our Planting way: Our plantation covers more than 200 acres with 800 meter altitude above the sea level, Most acre in Wu Dong area, average altitude is around 1300 meter above the seal level.Besides this,We also have long-term relationship with the local growers. Our company follow the natural and organic planting method to ensure our tea quality and safety. Meanwhile to protect our local 1495857802123010.jpgenvironments as well. We follow "no pesticide,no hormone, artifical weeding" planting rules. We would have tea harvest in Spring once per year while would have at least 5 times tea harvest per year in the lower altitude or mid-altitude area . Obviously, The tea quality and taste would be quite different. During Spring tea harvest time, Our tea-plucking workers would begin to have hand picked job from one o'clock PM to four, five o'clock PM on Sunny day. To following "two or three leaves and one bud" picking rules. Due to the very locky planting environments plus single stem and big tea tree shape features, Sometimes our tea farmers need to have hand-plucked with the help of ladders or wooden frame. What a tough job they have! Normallly,The tea-plucking workers would have 7--8 kilos fresh leaves one day, After sophisticated handmade process such as sun withering, cool, rocking,fermentation, fixation, rocking,hand selected and charcoal roast as well, 7 or 8 kilos fresh leaves just could make about 0.7 kilos dried tea leaves.

7. Song Tree: In Phoenix mountain, There are over 3000pcs old tea trees spreading all over the Phoenix mountain especially in Wu Dong area. 1495857959432039.jpgAmong all, There is only one oldest tea tree aged about 900 years old named " Song Tree".Its altitude is 1391 meter.Its height is 5.5 meter.Its coverage space is 0.066 mu. The tea tree is embraced with mountain in three side and this tea tree is surrounded with the rocks,whcih can protect the tea tree from destroying by the strong wind and well preserved until now. The local tea farmers would have tea harvest in each April, once per year. The yeild of the “Song Shu” is just about 0.5 kilos per year. So it is also hard to buy some even if you were very rich. The tea costs million Yuan in the past several years. Really precious and expensive tea type, right? In order to let most people have the chance to have this unique and enigmatic tea cup, After China’s economic reform, the local Goverment called on the local farmers to have mass graft of those mother tea trees--the Song Dynasty trees, aged over 600-900 years’ old.So the 2nd generation is also called Song Zhong.Uniquely balanced and enigmatic tea which shifts between floral,caramel and fruity with a mineral rich briskness.

More Interesting stories about Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong

1.The interesting relationship between our Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong and the Puerh tea from Yun Nan area


1.The geographical condition: Puerh tea from Yunnan area is far from the Dan Cong Oolong tea from ChaoZhou,Guangdong Province. But both are located in the Tropic of Cancer.

2.Similar Original Glowing environment, Taken our Phoenix mountain for instance, its average altitude is 1392 meter,mist and clouds cover more than 200 days /year, annual rainfall is 1800mm and annual average temperature is 20 degrees.The lake formed due to volanic errupation in old times

3.Tea Polyphenols(TP): due to the original and outstanding Original Ecological glowing environment: intense sunlight and water,higher temperature and moisture, very suitable for both big tea leaf glowing. So that is the main reason that why Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong contain the highest tea polyphenols(TP), and the TP elements are similar as that of Puerh tea.

4.Appearance: Both tea tree look tall and big, Dayezhong tea germplasm,longer leafapex,big bud, flourished in The carbon metabolism interior, highest content of TP.


1.Compared with glowing environments for Puerh tea type in Yunnan area,most are similar, but our teas tree are planted at a very rocky place. But none for Puerh trees.

2.Fermentation degrees: The fermentation of puerh tea is 100%, while that of phoenix Dan Cong Oolong is 30%--60%.

3. Aromatic substance: Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong contain the highest aromatic substance of natural flower aroma, fruity aroma,honey aroma and tea aroma.But none for Yunnan Puerh tea.

2.Fatastic, Besides puerh tea, The tea trees from Wu-Yi mountain is the offspring of our Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong tea trees


1.The same tea type: Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong and Wu-Yi teas belong to Oolong tea type, semi-fermentation, the tea color is between green tea and red teas.

2. Same tea making way: Tea harvest--drying--Cooling--Rocking--Fermentation--Rolling--charcoal baking.

3.Similar glowing condition: intense sunlight and water, annual temperature is about 18 degrees and annual rainfall is about 1800mm, very rocky glowing environment.


1. Original Ecological glow environment: the average altitude of Phoenix mountain is about 1392 meter while that of the Wu-Yi is 600 meter and the highest part is just 729 meter. Mists and clouds would more than 200 days/ year cover on the phoenix mountain top,but not available in Wu-Yi mountain.There are several lake formed due to volcanic eruption in Ancient Times on top mountain,Our tea trees planted surrounding the lake, absorb more organic matter,minerals,but not available in Wu-Yi mountain.

2.Tea tree aged: It is surveyed that tea trees in Phoneix mountain are more than 900 years old while that of Wu-Yi mountain are about 400 years old, they belong to the same tea cultivar—Shui Xian series. Phoenix Mountain is not far away from Wu-Yi mountain. We analyse the tea trees in Wu-Yi mountain are the offspring of that of our Phoenix Mountain. It can say our Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong is not only the oldest rock tea, But also is the ancestor of Oolong tea type.

3. TP and aromatic substance: Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong contain the highest content of Tea Polyphenols(TP) and contain more aromatic substance than that of Wu-Yi tea.

4. Tea tree Shape: The tea trees in Phoenix mountain both having the single stem and big tea trees shape features, There are the single stem tea trees in Wu-Yi mountain but very small tea trees shape.Then Phoenix tea trees are the rare and precious ones to contain much healthier and more nutrition elements.


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