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Chao Shan Kung Fu Tea


    Chao Shan area locates in the Easter Coast of Guang Dong Province, One of the fertile places in China. There is one saying about this area"where there is the tide, there are the ChaoShan people".Due to the local people's great merits of honesty, hardwork, clever and innovation, Most of the excellent Chinese immigrants are from this area espcially the successful businessmen.

    Phoenix Mountain locates in ChaoShan area, the highest altitude in Guang Dong province,China. Its average altitude is 1392 meter.China is the birthplace of the tea.ChaoShan Kung Fu Tea is regarded as the only complete and traditional tea culture in China.It originated in Song Dynasty—about 900 years ago, as same old age as that of the only tea tree well protected in Phoenix Mountain.

sanbao-s.jpg    Kung Fu tea is the tea brewing skills instead of the tea type. And Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong   would be our best and first purchase option tea type. Until now, when you visit our area, You would find there is one set of Kung Fu tea brewing tool in each family. Even the people in our area moving to other cities or migrating to other countries, They would remind Kung Fu tea. So the ChaoShan People are labeled as Kung Fu tea. Meanwhile, People here have the daily habits to drink tea, Tea is one of the important parts of our daily lives and that is also our best hospitality to have Kung Fu tea together with family, friends, guests,Even business partner,etc as well.

    Our tea culture concept is “refinement, love, harmony and nobleness”. Refinement represents the tea sets are exquisite and the particular way of making tea. Love represents the kindness and other good merits of the ChaoShan people. Harmony means it could cause harmony atmosphere when having the tea together. After having the Kung Fu tea, the Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong would refreshen yourselve to have the nobility of mind.

Not matter Having Kung Fu tea brewing skills or drinking Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong would be your best option to have the finest and delicious perfect tea cup, relax yourselves and be healthier. Pls follow us to check this unique way of making tea.

Kung Fu Tea Brewing Skills Instruction



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